Middle School Philosophy

The LIS Middle School philosophy embraces the recognition of the preadolescent and adolescent stages of development and sees this as a transitional period between Primary and High School. We understand the need to help students move from a self-contained learning environment to a more structured departmentalized program.

We aim to balance both content and process in the classroom, differentiating our instruction in order to reach a wide range of learning styles with an emphasis on individual attention. Our student-centered methodologies and assessments include group projects, cooperative activities, experiential learning, individual and group research, teacher guided instruction, lab work, reports, essays and the use of unit and standardized examinations.

The desired outcomes for students include the development of process and critical thinking skills, research and study skills, time and organization strategies, and the ability to reflectively evaluate their own work and the work of their peers.

Also inherent in our philosophy is the development of social skills and personal values which lead to a positive self-image and a commitment to the community. This is accomplished through instilling a sense of personal, social, and academic responsibility in all of our students.



English Middle School Philosophy

English is a vital tool for effective communication, self expression and learning in all curriculum areas. Our English philosophy aims to encourage and enable our Middle School students to use oral and written language as a vehicle for thought, creativity, reflection, learning and social interaction in a variety of meaningful contexts. Students will have access to ICT in order to explore language and differentiated activities will be provided to meet their individual needs. Our students will have the opportunity to engage in a range of literary and non literary works from a variety of cultures and different historical periods and we aim to foster enthusiastic and critical readers who have a lifelong interest in and passion for reading.


Humanities Middle School Philosophy

The philosophy of the Humanities Departent in the L.I.S. Middle School is for students to develop knowledge and understanding of aspects of the world of concern to all citizens by using techniques of geographical and historical analysis and enquiry. The Humanities subjects aim to foster a wonder in the world we live in and a thirst to understand the reasons why it developed this way, both from an international perspective and drawing on our Bahamian home, in the hope that pupils will become informed and active citizens in society. With an enquiry based approach which emphasises independent learning, pupils will be prepared for further study in Geography and History by practicing the necessary skills needed for success at the IGCSE and IB levels.


ICT Middle School Philosophy

The use of computers in schools has increased dramatically. Because of the speed with which their use has increased and the resultant plethora of materials available to schools, it is important to be clear on the computer's role in the educational process. LIS must prepare students to be computer literate in order for them to become successful world citizens and workers. Students must learn to become functional in the new "basic skills" in Information Technology and to use the computer as a tool. They must not only be aware of the workings of a computer, but also of its applications, such as using a word processor, a data base and a spreadsheet. Students need to know how to retrieve and manage the wealth of information available to them through various sources and via the Internet. The latter area of use also requires that we develop criteria for sensible and moral use of an information system.

LIS believes that the most effective way of teaching ICT skills is to integrate the use of the computer into the whole school curriculum. Teachers should aim to use the computer to develop children's higher level thinking, creative and problem solving skills in all curricular areas. Technology is a powerful instructional tool. In the future, much learning will be delivered electronically; therefore teachers must prepare themselves and their students to be competent computer and information technology users.


Mathematics Middle School Philosophy

The aim of the Mathematics Department in the Middle School is to develop reasoning, understanding, problem-solving and abstract thinking skills in our students. We will enhance mathematical learning by giving students the opportunity to interact with the teacher and each other. This will be achieved through the use of technology and a variety of teaching styles. Differentiated instruction will be central to this process so as to cater to a variety of learning styles. Through the use of differentiated instruction and positive reinforcement we will provide students with stimulating and challenging tasks in order for them to reach their full potential. The Mathematics Department recognizes our responsibility to establish a smooth transition from Middle School to the High School years.

Modern Languages

Modern Languages Middle School Philosophy

The aim of language learning at LIS is to dynamically study a modern language and its culture in order to develop a level of fluency whereby students are able to express themselves orally as well as in writing. Students will become "knowers" of a second language, in everyday as well as in academic situations. By incorporating the principles of PYP, IGCSE, and IBDP learning, teachers have many options in methodology to enhance traditional language learning. The use of books as well as current contemporary language tools such as internet, films, songs, audio-visual materials and theatre are essential to the LIS Modern Language experience. The Middle School years focus on the preparation of students for the IGCSE Examination, which provides both teacher and student with an understanding of their global standard of achievement. This exam also assists in encouraging students to augment their strengths and amend their weaknesses in order to attain linguistic fluency.


Music Middle School Philosophy

The purpose of the Middle School Creative Arts Program at Lucaya International School is to help each student develop, strengthen, and master musical concepts and skills enabling him/her to have an appreciation for music and the performing arts. Students will be offered the opportunity to perform as individuals or groups, where they can showcase their individual, creative talents. It is our goal that each student be able to attain an appreciation for the arts, by learning the different elements of music and to have fun and gain a sense of creativity during the length of the program. It is our hope that each students will become the most proficient performer that they are capable of becoming by further enhancing their musical talents. Through the program, students will gain a sense of pride, self-discipline, self confidence, motivation, and a drive for excellence not only in music, but also in other area of the arts. We aim for our students to be the best that they can be, while learning and having fun during the process.


Science Middle School Philosophy

The aim of the Science Department is to provide opportunities for students to develop their understanding of the scientific method and to appreciate the way in which scientists think and work. We will create and nurture an interest in the way the universe works and provide students with the scientific tools and skills necessary to investigate the world around them. Students will also expand on their understanding of the connections within the scientific disciplines and develop an appreciation of the role science and scientists play in society.

Through a variety of learning approaches students will be given the opportunity to develop abstract thinking skills and be granted freedom to develop and test their own ideas. Students will begin to develop their use of mathematical tools to analyze information and data. The Middle School Science program will provide a clear link between the PYP and the IGCSE curricula and consolidate student understanding in order to prepare students for further study in the sciences.

Visual Arts

Visual Arts Middle School Philosophy

The ability to create is a fundamental characteristic of being human. The focus of the Art Department is to support possible 'future artists' and inspire all students to develop their observational and creative skills in respect to their local environment and the world at large. Consequently, we provide a broad program of study for Years 7-9, allowing students to experiment with as diverse a range of materials and surfaces as possible. This empowers students by developing their problem solving skills and technical ability and gives them the confidence to approach their art in diverse ways. Ultimately, we want to give them the insight to develop the characteristics and vision of an artist while simultaneously laying the foundation necessary for them to succeed at the IGCSE level in Years 10 and 11.


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